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Nicholas --
You wrote...

I am particularly interested to hear
about 'shameless plugs' about R&D technology that could be
applicable in the context of JPL and to a larger extent NASA. However,
my criteria of 'applicability' is somewhat different than
the conventional notion of practical = tool-supported technology that is
simple enough to support agile methodologies.

My notion of pragmatism is an approach that addresses two ends of the
SWS spectrum:
- the practically agile side of tool-supported SWS methodologies
- the extremely formal side of theory-grounded SWS methodologies

You may like to evaluate the Internet Business Logic tool [1].  It's based on a formal theory [2], and it is end-author friendly (and therefore also developer-friendly).  It is also end-user friendly, in the sense that it can explain its results in English.  (We have found explanations to be particularly important when reasoning over RDF triples [3,4]).

I hope this may be useful.            -- Adrian Walker
[1]  Online, with SW and other examples, at www.reengineeringllc.com .  Shared, community use is free.

[2]    Backchain Iteration: Towards a Practical Inference Method that is Simple Enough to be Proved Terminating, Sound and Complete, A. Walker.  Journal of Automated Reasoning, 11:1-22.

[3]   http://www.reengineeringllc.com/demo_agents/RDFQueryLangComparison1.agent

[4]   www.w3.org/2004/12/rules-ws/paper/19/

Internet Business Logic (R)
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Shared, community use is FREE

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