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Attached is a presentation on the CC EA given to the Industry Advisory Consortium (IAC) Enterprise Architecture (EA) Shared Interest Group (SIG) in August 05.  It provides an illustration of how MOF/MDA/Ontologies are being applied by our project.


It shows the CC EA approach in its use of MDA, MOF, Ontology/OWL, with a generalized enterprise management (GEM) upper ontology.


The CC EA framework, a superset of the OMB FEA (slides 4-6) and DoDAF (slide 18)  and Zachman Framework, is implemented as an ontology, as a subset of a larger upper ontology (slides 7-10) for enterprise management (EM).


The documentation of the architecture uses a four-layer metamodel (slides 13-15) equivalent to the Model Driven Architecture, with EA technology and a generalized object model documented in the M3 layer, the EM metaschema  (i.e., reference catalogs) and methodology documented in the M2 layer, the FEB CC EA-specific metaschema and tailored FEA and DoDAF subsets for the diverse EA of the FEB Departments/Agencies are documented in the M1 layer, with the actual EA and EM content at the M0 layer.


The MOF and OWL relevance is shown in slide 16, where MOF capabilities are used to build a single model repository for IT management (i.e., via CIM), Data Management (i.e., via CWM), Application Development (i.e., via UML/XMI), process management using SPEM/BPM-BPEL/WSDL/OWL-S, and knowledge management (including EA) via OWL.







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