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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 08:05:46 -0800
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   SUMO and MILO were intended to be task and domain independent, although 
any particular application will certainly not use every term in each 
ontology.  The domain ontologies of Finance, Transportation etc are of 
course more specific.  Task dependency is an interesting issue.  I'm 
inclined to think that task dependent representations are more an issue of 
implementation.  Although important to efficiency, if one puts a task 
dependency into a given ontology then it will be difficult to use in the 
same domain for a different task.  Separating implementation from 
representation is important, and lack of such separation I think has been 
the cause of a number of unnecessary controversies in the ontology field.    (01)

Adam    (02)

At 08:14 PM 1/22/2005, Scott L. Holmes wrote:
>I ran across a rather old article by Nicola
>Guarino that I feel speaks to many of the issues
>that came up recently during the NhinRfi and
>CctRepresenation work (excellent job everyone!):
>I'm particularly intrigued by the early idea of
>what appears to be an Upper Ontology (Ontology
>Library). As I'm learning SUMO, after reading the
>article, I was left wondering if SUMO can be
>divided between a Domain Ontology and a Task
>Ontology. I'm also wondering if I understood the
>article at all! But I like the idea and the
>placement of an Application Ontology to simplify
>the mapping.
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