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At the close of our Joint SICoP-Ontolog face-to-face meeting at GSA on 
July 7, 2004, the meeting chairs and members from both CoP's 
(communities of practice) agreed that we should do a follow-up phone 
conference in the near future to continue what seemed to be a very 
worthwhile and effective exercise (see: 
http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SICoP/SICoP_Ontolog_Joint_Meeting_2004_07_07#nid1GJ).    (01)

I have been exchanging e-mail with Dr. Brand Niemann, co-chair of SICoP, 
and we have mutually identified Thursday Aug. 5, 2004 1:30~3:30pm EDT 
(this is actually the regularly conference call time for those who 
attend the weekly ontolog calls) to do our follow-up conference call. 
Barring major responses from the community to schedule this differently 
(and if anyone feels so strongly, please do so by responding to this 
thread by Thu 7/22 10:00am PDT), we will lock down this date for the 
joint call.    (02)

I invite suggestions and agenda ideas in the mean time. Please post by 
responding to this thread, or later (after we have finalized the date, 
and started a call wiki page for it) when the wiki page is up.    (03)

I look forward to a good turn-out at the joint call.    (04)

PPY    (05)

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