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Hello,    (01)

This is a message for those interested in attending the 2nd Ontolog Face to
Face in Bethesda, MD.    (02)

The registration fee jumps from $150 to, I believe, $250 after May 28th.     (03)

Please register soon,    (04)

Thanks,    (05)

Bob    (06)

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Subject: [protege-users] Protege Conference: Early Registration Deadline
Fast Approaching !!    (07)

Protegeans,    (08)

The deadline for early registration at the Protege Conference is in slightly
more than a week, May 28th.  We encourage those of you who have not yet
registered but plan to attend the conference to register as soon as
possible.  The registration fee goes up significantly after May 28th.    (09)

Also, if you plan to participate in any of the workshops on Tuesday, July
6th, please note that the submission deadline for most workshops is June
1st.  Please consult individual workshop pages for details.  Also note that
we have an additional workshop that has not been previously announced
entitled "Extending Enterprise Ontologies: Levels, Limits, and Tensions".    (010)

We look forward to seeing you as many of you as possible at the conference.    (011)

The Protege team    (012)

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