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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 18:25:59 -0800
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Thought I'd forward this message from Mark to this forum, as it puts 
the various players involved in thr UN/CEFACT-OASIS ebXML (of which 
UBL is one) in perspective.  -ppy
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Subject: RE: WELCOME to ebxml-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 17:47:41 -0500
From: CRAWFORD, Mark <MCRAWFORD@xxxxxxx>
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Alireza,    (03)

The neat thing is that the components of the ebXML architecture (ebMS, 
ebXML Registry Information Model/Registry Services, ebXML Core 
Components Technical Specification (CCTS)) supports any payload in any 
syntax - such as XML, traditional EDI, UML profiled objects.    (04)

Within the XML space, there are a number of very fine business and 
government standards that are based on, or support, the ebXML Core 
Components.  The OASIS Universal Business Language TC ( 
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ubl) is 
finalising their Version 1.0 set of Schemas.  These schemas are the 
first public standard that have been built from the ground up to be 
ebXML payloads through document modeling and defining CCTS Core 
Components Business Information Entities as precursors to schema 
generation. Their version 1.0 Beta ( 
) has already been tested by a number of early implementers and has 
been formally adopted by several government and private sector 
implementers.  In addition to the schema library, UBL has also 
developed a set of XSD naming and design rules that are intended to be 
the optimal method for developing XSD schema from the ebXML Core 
Components Specification. UBL is also beginning work on a standardized 
XSD approach to implementing the ebXML Core Components context and 
extension mechanisms.  Eduardo Gutentag of Sun Microsystems and Arofan 
Gregory of Aeon Consulting were responsible for the CCTS context and 
assembly work and are carrying this forward in UBL.    (05)

UN/CEFACT, although somewhat behind UBL, is also developing an XML 
schema methodology for expressing core components (in fact the CEFACT 
NDRs are based in large part on the UBL work since there is 
significant cross membership at every level between UBL and the CEFACT 
group responsible for XML) and has a number of business functional 
area groups developing ebXML conformant Business Process Models and 
Core Components/Business Information Entities.    (06)

OAG has expressed support for the Core Components work as well, has 
done some excellent work in this area,  and together with UBL and 
CEFACT have developed a normative schema for expressing the ebXML CCTS 
Core Component Types. All of the OAG payloads are well proven, and 
like any other syntax-specific payload can be exchanged using ebMS.    (07)

The OASIS ebXML Registry TC is finalising a paper that defines how to 
store the ebXML Core Components in an ebXML registry, and the OASIS 
CAM TC is working on the context assembly mechanism to support the 
registry.    (08)

Mark Crawford    (09)

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From: Alireza Balouch [mailto:alireza.balouch@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Mon 3/1/2004 5:33 AM
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Subject: SV: WELCOME to ebxml-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (011)

I am looking for samples of messages compatible with ebXML Messaging
Service 2.0 specification.    (012)

can anyone help me?    (013)

thanX    (014)

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