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Re: [ontolog-forum] Frames vs Logic again

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From: Adam Pease <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:04:12 -0800
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   I'd say that any term that doesn't support some new inference capability 
does detract.  At the simplest level, if one person uses 'hasName' and 
another uses 'names' then the axiom that defines 'inverse' will have to be 
invoked for ground statements using the different relations to unify.  That 
slows down inference, and if that inference is at the boundary of a time 
constraint, may fail, simply because an extra inference step needs to be 
   If you were to implement in Protege a capability to display slots where 
the given class is an argument in the second or higher position, and you 
can implement this in a way that is consistent and supported by the entire 
Protege system, I'd say that would be a reasonable solution, and one which 
would mean hasName and its ilk would no longer be needed.  However, that's 
another item for the future, and we have to deal with the capabilities we 
have today.  So, until such time, I think we have to conclude that 
redundant inverses are not needed, and Protege is insufficient for our 
ontology.    (01)

Adam    (02)

At 11:58 AM 2/21/2004 -0500, Patrick Cassidy wrote:
>Yes, hasName and several other concepts that neither add to nor detract
>from the logical content were added to take advantage of the visual
>representation capabilities of Protege.  If they bother anyone, they
>can be sequestered in a separate module and left out of versions
>that don't get imported into Protege.
>    It is also possible in Protege to create windows with lists
>of propositions where a given concept is in position 2 or 3 or whatever,
>just as the SUMO browser and Sevcenko's browser have done.  But at
>this point I haven't implemented that, since that is already covered
>by the other browsers.  It is not a built-in function in Protege.
>To cover that issue, I have only added a few inverse relations
>thus far for those cases where the presence of a
>concept as argument 2 in the SUMO relation can be of significance in
>understanding a concept.  If it turns out that viewing relations with
>classes as argument 2 is of more general interest, I can create
>a separate pane for the Class window that displays such relations.
>     Pat
>Adam Pease wrote:
>>   I noticed in your file of suggested additions the following:
>>(instance hasName BinaryRelation)
>>(domain hasName 1 Entity)
>>(domain hasName 2 SymbolicString)
>>(inverse hasName names)
>>(documentation hasName "hasName relates an instance of an entity to a 
>>string of linguistic characters used to reference the entity in 
>>linguistic communication.  This is the inverse of the SUMO relation 
>>'names', added to allow more flexible representation in Protege.  The 
>>hasName relation is not a necessary relation since not every entity is 
>>named by a SymbolicString and not every SymbolicString is the label for 
>>an entity.")
>>This is entirely redundant with the existing SUMO relation 'names'.  The 
>>only reason one would want such a definition, is, as you note, to 
>>overcome the limitations of a frame system.  A frame system is oriented 
>>to inspection and reasoning on the first argument, so if one looks at the 
>>frame for 'SymbolicString' one won't see the slot 'names'.  It will only 
>>be visible when one is looking at the frame for 'Entity'.
>>If you feel the need for this inverse of 'names' a case could be made 
>>that every binary relation must also have an inverse, thus doubling 
>>(uneccessarily) the number of relations.  Of course, this also doesn't 
>>solve the problem that all ternary and higher order relations (of which 
>>there are a number in SUMO) will still be invisible in Protege or any 
>>other frame system.
>>This is a good example of why Protege is a bad choice for a formal 
>>ontology expressed in logic.
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