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Hello everyone:


I discovered this list while searching for OWL ontology tools and repositories.  My interest in business ontologies goes back to the early 80’s and my roles in U.S. Army management analysis and resource management.  My approach to identifying and satisfying enterprise management, enterprise architecture, security architecture, resource/requirements management, and general organizational capability needs is documented at http://one-world-is.com/beam.  


I’ve used and evolved this approach since around 1977, although I only began to document it around 1983.  My learning in this area came via functional process improvement efforts, developing functional vocabularies and common definitions, exploring general semantics/meaning/perception, which led in turn to taxonomies, concept maps, semantic networks, data modeling, process modeling, ontology modeling and knowledge-base development by the late 80’s.


My approach is getting a bit of interest from U.S. Government and government contractors for use as a methodology for developing and maintaining enterprise architectures and security architectures.





Roy Roebuck

Ph: 703-598-2351




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