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From: Kenneth Fields <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 02:40:16 +0800
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Thank you,
Very helpful.
I likewise will focus on the conceptual task at hand back at the DAO.    (01)

I was thinking today, things are never perfect, and always some major
incongruent gulf to bridge... then I thought, well, that's what keeps 
us going
forward. But this thought happened to coincide with an article about 
when a
society (Japan) says it has enough, we're rich enough, let's start
to think in other terms other than economic development. (yeah right!).    (02)

Anyway, I have enough tools for now. Protege 2.0 was released today
with the OWL plugin (as Danny's message just now indicated). I can 
vocabulary.    (03)

Ken.    (04)

> Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 12:34:26 -0500
> From: Patrick Cassidy <pcassidy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: "[ontolog-forum]" <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [ontolog-forum] [Fwd: [dao-forum] Ontology Editor and 
> Browser]
> Kenneth --
>     Your question may provoke a debate;
>> I am not totally clear on the distinctions between formal logic
>> representation and symbolic reasoning systems.
>    Adam Pease appears to have some fairly specific requirements for
> what can pass as a "representation" and doesn't think that
> Protege qualifies.  I like to make a clear distinction between
> (1) a static set of data in some machine-readable format and
> (2) the procedural code which interprets the data and reasons with
> it.  There are, however development systems which include both
> data-storage and some reasoning ability.  Protege is one of those,
> but the reasoning available in Protege is minimal and the formal
> logical model will not support full first-order logic --
> therefore unless it is modified, a KIF (or SKIF, a variant of KIF)
> file will not necessarily be interpreted properly by the
> internal reasoning facility of Protege.
>     My goal is to add **just enough** additional reasoning ability
> to Protege in order to:
>   (1) provide a perspicuous and logically sound visual representation
>       of the knowledge available in a SKIF file;
>   (2) enable convenient editing of a knowledge base and allow it to
>       be re-exported to its original SKIF format.
>    Thus far, I think I have accomplished (1), but doing (2) is months
> away.  So for now, the Protege facility can be used as a browser, but
> not as an editor -- it can't re-export into SKIF format.  As a
> browser, it helps *me* to understand relations within an ontology
> in a way that the other browsers we have available don't.  I hope
> it will also be useful to others.
>     As for RDF/OWL, I haven't tried to use these representations, so
> I can't speak knowledgeably about them.  There is a Protege
> plug-in under development that can  import and export OWL-format
> files.  So if and when I or someone else develops a way to export
> Protege files to KIF, Protege might be usable as an interlingua
> to move from SKIF to OWL format -- though a direct conversion might
> be better when it is developed.  But there are probably lots
> of sticking points on specific logical structures that could
> make full translation difficult.  That will become evident over
> time.  For me, I only get the motivation to learn new
> file formats if I have on hand an application that requires
> it.  If anyone knows of a freely-available application
> that uses OWL (and does something useful with the data),
> I would appreciate the reference.
>    For now, in spite of spending time on the SKIF/Protege format
> conversion, I am most interested in the actual conceptual content
> of the knowledge bases we are developing, with a strong preference
> for rapidly coming to an agreement on the upper-level concepts
> that can handle a wide range of specific domains.  Invoices looks
> like a good specialized domain to start with, and so we proceed.
>     Pat
> ================================    (05)

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