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From: "Monica J. Martin" <Monica.Martin@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 12:22:14 -0700
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Per our discussion today, for what it is worth.    (01)
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From: Michael Dill <dill2@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 08:53:07 +0100
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Hello Marion,
please find enclosed UBL 1.0 Beta corrected as TBG17 submission template.
Corrected means that all the technical amendments have been made, which are
described in the enclosed word document. This word document is just for us.
These amendments are done as agreed during the last LCSC call and are a
necessary basis for the further work.    (01)

Please note that the Dictionary Entry Names in this spreadsheet are as wrong
as the currently used TBG17 macro!
1. The macro does not truncate as required by CCTS;-). E. g. the macro
delivers "Address. Identifier. Identifier" meanwhile it should be "Address.
2. The macro makes not sure the Camel Case, e.g. it delivers "Card Account.
CV2. Text" meanwhile it should create "Card Account. Cv2. Text".
(Independent whether CV2 should become a part of abbreviation list of UBL,
which allows to use CV2.
Tim: somebody ;-) should address this issue to NDR.)    (02)

In all other aspects the Dictionary Entry Names of the corrected UBL 1.0
Beta spreadsheets are identical with the macro generated TBG17 Dictionary
Entry Name.    (03)

Furthermore: TBG17 requires CCTS:Data Types in a seperate table. The UBL
data types of 1.0 Beta are not yet in line with CCTS and TBG17. But this
issue is IMHO still open within UBL and therefore aren't any ccts:data types
attached. Maybe you could remark in the submission to TBG17 that the UBL
data types will follow AFTER TBG17 has issued the announced list of
unqualified data types. First is this a correct reason and second gives it
the time to make the data type discussion final within UBL.    (04)

To whom it may concern:
Please check whether my amendment of case 8 (Transport Handling Unit.
Received_ Handling Unit Receipt Line. Receipt ) is correct or not. I think
yes, but... If not please contact me and Marion ASAP.
The spreadsheet data are EF50 generated and therefore I'd like to make any
correction there, if any.    (05)

I'll ASAP send the corrected UBL Beta Spreadsheets to you.    (06)

Best regards,
Michael Dill    (07)

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