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[ontolog-forum] Continuing face-to-face planning exercise

To: Ontolog Forum <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Kurt Conrad <conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 00:10:35 -0800
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All,    (01)

The following is the planning data collected at the face-to-face meeting.    (02)

If you are interested in contributing to the continuation of this 
exercise, please drop me an email message by Friday 2003.12.13.  The 
process that I recommend for going forward will be based, in large 
part, on how many people wish to be involved.    (03)

/s/ kwc 2003.12.05 00:10    (04)

Expectations    (05)

- Build rapport between Ontolog members -> effectiveness online
- See if ontological perspective will help (me / UBL / others)
- See if Ontolog is jelling – identify role / contribution
- Identify value for ontology to provide (use cases)
- Detect inappropriate use of concepts / relationships –> guidelines
- Visibility into UBL work products -> extract semantics
- Secondary objectives
   - Build political relationship with other committees
     (courtship -> adoption)
   - Observe & learn from process    (06)

* Ontolog Forum Planning *    (07)

- Core Values
   - Knowledge creation
   - Open
   - Exploration
   - Formal and informal
   - Business-focused
   - Enterprise-focused
   - Global impacts
   - Education
   - Understand applied ontologies
     (methods, tools, technology, theories, philosophy, people)
   - Community    (08)

- Draft Vision Statements    (09)

   - Demonstrate a process that enables users with different needs to
     agree on an overarching structure for knowledge representation.    (010)

   - Suddenly able to connect the dots between two-dozen academic and
     practical “knowledge silos”: BMPL, Open EDI, BPEL, Rosetta Net,
     International Association of Social Network Analysis, ebXML, 
UBL, etc.    (011)

   - The Ontolog Forum will become a focal point for the development
     and deployment of open source tools for analyzing and understanding
     ontologies (singular and multiple)(ontology and Ontology).    (012)

   - Be the foremost international open forum on Business Domain 
ontology -–
     attracting, retaining, [and invigorating] the best minds in this 
     as members of the community    (013)

   -  A technical report that analyzes the content of the UBL 
document set
      and derives a business collaboration ontology at the business
      operations level    (014)

* UBL Ontology Project Planning *    (015)

- Values
   - Apply our knowledge to organize other’s knowledge
   - Detached / Independent / Objective
   - Orchestrate creative result
   - Not fixated on process
   - Create / improve UBL and standards committee alignments
   - Ontology is a solution (range of “positions”)
     - Evangelical
     - Fantatic
     - Practical
     - Objective
   - Mechanism for global impacts
   - Energized and committed
   - Specific objective
   - Deadline
   - Concrete application
   - Education
   - User needs
   - Add value    (016)

- Draft Vision Statements    (017)

   - To get several users with different project goals (within the general
     area of business transactions) to agree on a single, detailed
     representation that is suitable for their different applications.    (018)

   - Automatically “parses” a complex 22 page legal agreement into a
     one-page, time-phased (dec-tree, iscoo, declarative) form /
     display that is easily read by “average” citizen of UK, Tibet, or
     or even native speaker of Tlinkit (Alaskan) language.    (019)

   - The UBL Ontology Project will provide the UBL committee with the
     means (tools, analysis methods, and metrics) to analyze the
     ontological consistency and robustness of the UBL.    (020)

   - Our work product becomes, or at least heavily influences,  UBL x.0
     (say 4.0), and that UBL x.0 actually turns out to be an ontology
     and gets adopted by the rest of the business world,    (021)

Kurt Conrad
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http://www.SagebrushGroup.com      mailto:conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (022)

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