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[ontolog-forum] Will business ontology solve classic EDI implementation

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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 12:13:41 -0700
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I came across Mike Rawlins' article on EDI implementation issues: 
"Implementation Conventions, or Why EDI Is Such a Pain" and thought we 
should start asking ourselves some pertinent questions after reading it.    (01)

See article at: 
<http://www.rawlinsecconsulting.com/x12tutorial/x12imp.html>    (02)

This is a great article (thanks, Mike) ...    (03)

... the question is, assuming we have a properly constructed business 
ontology (say, we achieved our ubl-ontology goals the way we had 
wanted it), would we have been able to enable the resolution of all 
those issues? Even if so, how easily? If not, what would still be 
unresolved?    (04)

These are good questions that the ontolog community will need to 
answer, some day -- and probably the sooner the better.    (05)

Comments solicited ...    (06)

Let's also revisit when we are on use cases again.    (07)

--    (08)

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