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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 22:43:58 -0700
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fyi ...    (01)
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 20:34:52 -0700
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Rao,    (01)

Jena is a base-level API that provides file, representation and
reasoning services for RDF  and the Semantic Web language OWL (which is
an extension of RDF(S)).  Jena itself does not provide any user
interface but stuff like parsers and query engines.    (02)

Although there is nothing like a Jena Tab for Protégé, we are working on
something similar in the context of the OWL Plugin:
This uses Jena to load and save OWL models.  Since Jena's current
reasoning support is still work in progress, there is no built-in access
to Jena classifiers or so.  There is however, basic support for the RDF
query language RDQL in Protégé.  The current architecture allows to plug
in arbitrary Jena modules into Protégé, so that third-party components
will be usable within Protégé.    (03)

There is no way to compare both projects and to point out weaks and
strengths.  Protégé has traditionally focused on a plug-and-play
platform for modeling tools, interoperability and a nice graphical user
interface, while Jena is a robust RDF-specific, low-level, non-visual
API.    (04)

Holger    (05)

:-)     (06)

Hi, I'm a newbie.  Could someone please enlighten me as to how Jena (HP
Labs'opensource project) fits in with Protege?  I was surprised to see
no Jena Tab (though I think I read something that said one of the
developers used protege+Jena for one of the projects).  There seem to be
some overlaps between the two products in the KB definition area, but
Jena claims to have an inference engine.. Any pointers on how I can use
them together, relative strengths / weaknesses etc.?  Thanks in advance.    (07)

Rao    (08)

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