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fyi ...    (01)
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Good morning, all,    (01)

Code lists were an active discussion item at last week's UBL meeting in 
Montréal.  Code lists capture an enumeration of valid values that represent 
abstract or concrete concepts in a compact form (typically an abbreviation 
of some kind).  Code lists can promote interoperability by constraining the 
meaning of enumerated values to mutually agreed concepts between trading 
partners.    (02)

Examples of standardized code lists are country codes and currency codes.    (03)

Examples of private-use code lists are fulfillment activities and 
indications of progress status.    (04)

Supplemental information is often associated with the members of an 
enumeration, and various techniques can be considered to capture this 
supplemental information.  During the week three approaches to expressing 
and maintaining the information associated with code lists were discussed:    (05)

   (1) - the use of xs:documentation constructs in xs:annotation    (06)

   (2) - the use of xs:appinfo constructs in xs:annotation    (07)

   (3) - the use of supplemental files keyed by the enumerated values    (08)

Other approaches to maintaining code lists are welcome to be considered as 
part of the UBL project in the process of determining a standardized 
approach for use throughout UBL.    (09)

To this end, a temporary task group is being formed to consider existing 
and new proposals for the maintenance of information associated with code 
lists.  This work will be done by email mail lists and is hoped to be short 
lived with an agreed-upon approach quickly resolved.    (010)

If you are interested in participating in this task group, please inform 
myself <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxx> of 
your intent before the close of business Monday August 11.    (011)

Thank you for any contribution you may be able to make to this effort.    (012)

........................ Ken    (013)

Upcoming hands-on courses: in-house corporate training available;
North America public:                     XSLT/XPath Aug 12, 2003    (014)

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