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July 2, 2003


Envision and its partners would like to extend an invitation to the UDEF National IT Conference, focused on explaining the UDEF and how it can assist in defining convergence and interoperability among software vendors, applications, integration formats, web services messaging and e-business standards.

Many industries are standardizing on XML message sets describing business documents and web based business processes for delivery over Web Services. Some horizontal standards are making great progress in developing B2B and enterprise integration standards that work well across industries. All have one thing in common: a need for a semantic link between data elements.

Leaders of the IT, web and e-business standards worlds and government will address the audience regarding the emerging Best Practices and the rapid adoption of Standards dealing with data, application and business process integration. The subject of the conference is the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF), a key concept designed to accelerate the acceptance of Web Services and promote interoperability. The conference will explain what the UDEF is, why it matters to your business and how it can be successfully applied to the difficult challenges of enterprise integration.

Cost: $0 for registration and attendance
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2003       7:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Whitaker Hall, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri - A brand new 110,000 sq. ft. Biomedical Engineering Department Building. A Catered Lunch will be included.

To register, reply to
udefreg@xxxxxxxxxxxx or complete the online form at: http://www.envision.com/feature/udefregistration.asp

For more information, contact:
John Hardin, Enterprise Integrations Practice Director, Envision:
http://www.envision.com  john.hardin@xxxxxxxxxxxx
314-878-4777 x 145

Hotel Accommodations: Sheraton Clayton Plaza, Clayton, Mo.
A special rate of $115.00 per night plus tax has been arranged at the Sheraton Clayton Plaza, this rate will include free Sheraton Shuttle transportation to and from airport and transportation to and from Washington University for the conference. To receive this rate you must contact the Sheraton @ 888-337-1395 by August 4, 2003. The group rooms are being held under "UDEF conference". American Airlines and Southwest are two of the primary airlines that serve the St. Louis area, as well as many others.

The UDEF is a burgeoning global standard that identifies data elements as data element concepts, called Metadata Identification.  This approach will enable automated integration, by moving toward automated identification and transformation of data between various formats. The UDEF is currently in working group activities within the Aerospace, Electronics, Product Data Management and Logistics industries.

To register, go to
For more information on the UDEF, go to
or more information on Envision, go to

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