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[ontolog-forum] possible face to face meeting & momentum

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 09:31:45 -0400
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On the Ontolog forum phone calls the last few weeks, we have had some 
"momentum" discussions and talked about the possibility of having a 
face-to-face meeting.    (01)

I personally belong to 3-4 (maybe more ?) different standards teams at 
present, all of which are operating on the periphery on the ontology field, 
but I think this forum presents the best opportunity for formal discussions 
of inter- and intra-enterprise ontologies.  These subjects require: (1) a 
lot of practical knowledge dealing with enterprise systems and 
collaboration technologies (like ERP and EDI) and (2) a certain amount of 
precision and formality of methods that is usually gained in association 
with theoretical training in AI, database, object-orientation, and even 
economics.    (02)

I think the mix of people we have had on the calls is the right one, but we 
certainly need more.  Even more important however is some kind of forward 
agenda.  In theory, we should be able to produce one remotely, but all of 
my standards experience belies that.  Face-to-face meetings are the 
momentum builders.  That is where people get to know what other members are 
really about and where we can decide what common projects energize us.    (03)

I think we need a face-to-face meeting sometime in the Fall to get things 
going.  It could be done in conjunction with other meetings (AAAI, OOPSLA, 
standards, etc.) or it could be small and alone.  I am terrible at 
organizing, so this is not a volunteer pledge.    (04)

May we talk about this on the next few Thursday phone calls ?    (05)

Bill McCarthy
Michigan State    (06)

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Bill McCarthy
Michigan State University
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