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Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 11:37:58 -0600
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Subject:        [oagis-users] Call for Participation - Semantic Integration 
for the Enterprise
Date:   Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:16:07 -0400
From:   David Connelly (OAGI) <dconnelly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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To:     OAGI-General <oag-general@xxxxxxxxxxx>, OAGIS Users Group 
<oagis-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>    (01)

To All OAGI Members and Users,    (02)

I am pleased to announce that the OAGI Semantic Integration Working 
Group is formed and is issuing a public call for participation.   The 
purpose of this group is to improve the state of application integration 
by exploring, identify potential uses for, and facilitating 
the introduction of, emerging semantic technologies for integration of 
business applications.    (03)

Semantic technologies comprise a diverse collection of    (04)

         innovative languages (e.g., Resource Description Format (RDF) 
and schema (RDF/S), OWL Web Ontology Language, Process Specification 
Language (PSL)),    (05)

         modeling tools that formalize the intended meaning of 
information (e.g., semantic dictionaries, thesauri, ontology modeling tools)    (06)

         advanced information processing capabilities (e.g., semantic 
brokers, inference engines) and    (07)

         semantic integration capabilities (e.g., enterprise data 
management, data transformation, semantic data validation)    (08)

Anyone interested in this work group can subscribe to the 
oagi-semantic-integration Yahoo! Groups at: 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oagi-si .    (09)

The OAGI Semantic Integration project proposal and possible deliverables 
(an initial set of powerpoint slides) for this work group can be found 
in the Files section of the group. We plan to have our first meeting at 
the August OAG meeting in Detroit (exact date and time TBD).    (010)

Please refer to the Yahoo! Groups for schedule updates and call details.    (011)

Thanks and I look forward to this exciting and interesting effort.    (012)

Best Regards,    (013)

David    (014)

David M. Connelly
President and CEO
Open Applications Group, Inc.
email: dconnelly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
voice: +1 770 980 3418    (015)

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