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Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 09:48:17 -0700
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Hi David,    (01)

You are most welcomed to join us. Of course, it's not too late ... it 
isn't happening for another day yet! :-)    (02)

I'll be send out "invitations" with the conference call details 
shortly. I'll make sure you are on the recipient list.    (03)

"See" you tomorrow.    (04)

--    (05)

david.layton@xxxxxxx wrote Wed, 28 May 2003 11:20:34 -0400:
> Peter,
> Just found out about this tutorial from Marion Royal.  I would like to
> attend if possible - can you register me or is it too late?
> Regards,
> David Layton
> GSA, Office of E-Government & Technology
> E-Government Strategy Division
> Phone: 202-219-0815    (06)

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>John Drumm                              
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>Ontology tutorial - Presentation        
>                     05/28/2003                                                
>                     10:42 AM                                                  
> I wish I had thought of notifying ya'll earlier, but this looks very
> interesting and I can't attend.
> marion
> Marion A. Royal
> 202.208.4643 (Office)
---    (07)

> "Adam Pease" <apease@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> 05/27/2003 03:40 PM MST
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> Subject: Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology tutorial - Presentation
> Folks,
> Here's an advance copy of the tutorial I'll be giving on Thursday.  I'd
> encourage you not to leaf through it very far since the presentation
> contains answer to the exercises that we'll do, and knowing the answers
> would lessen the educational value.  Please do ensure that you can at least
> view the first slide though to make sure there are no technical
> difficulties.
> After doing a version of this tutorial last week for an in-person
> meeting I found that it easily took up the time we have allotted, so my
> inclination is to work on getting everyone familiar with the basic concepts
> of a formal ontology first and save Protege for a later session.  We might
> make putting the results of the exercises into Protege as an "extra credit"
> assignment, in between tutorials :-)
> Adam
--    (08)

> At 12:27 PM 5/21/2003 -0700, Peter P. Yim wrote:
>>To help interested [ontolog] and [ubl] community members get up to speed
>>on the nuts-and-bolts of developing an ontology, Adam Pease of Teknowledge
>>has agreed to conduct a virtual tutorial session during the regular
>>[ubl-ontology] project weekly conference call time slot for us on Thu
>>29-May-2003 10:30~11:45am PDT. You are hereby invited to participate.
>>Topic: Introduction to Ontology/SUMO/Protégé - a tutorial
>>Other details can be found at:
>>  http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Tutorial_2003-05-29
>>  (This page will be continuously updated, do revisit it for the latest
>>If you are planning to come, please either:
>>(a) add your name under "Attendees" on the above wiki page directly,
>>(b) send me an email (mailto:yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx) to let me know that you
>>are coming.
>>Kindly do so by end-of-day Sat 5.24.03 if possible. We need some idea on
>>how many to expect, to properly prepare for necessary resources (number of
>>lines to reserve on the conference bridge; how to share the presentation
>>material online during the session, ...etc.). That way, we can also add
>>you to the "call invitation" list, which will allow you to receive call
>>information once the conference call details are finalized.
>>    (09)

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