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As requested:

Context category / Description / Example
1. Business Process
The type of process
Ordering, Delivery

2. Product Classification
The type of products that the collaboration is about
Parts, Consumer goods

3. Industry Classification
The sector in which the collaboration takes place
Aerospace, Fast moving consumer goods

4. Geopolitical
The location of the partners
International, Europe

5. Official contraints
The legislation that applies
US law, EU law

6. Business Process Role
The role the partners play in the process
Buyer, Seller

7. Supporting Role
Roles of relevant parties outside the collaboration
Shipping Agent

8. System Capabilities
Specific system requirements
SAP, Intuit

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HotDAML Newsletter
Keeping you up to speed on happenings in the world of DAML
http://www.daml.org <http://www.daml.org/>

Tuesday, April 1, 2003 =96 Issue10

New Stories:

W3C Announces Final Call Documents for the OWL Web Ontology Language

The W3C's Web Ontology Working Group has released five Last Call
documents. Per W3C process, this is a major step in a language moving to
a recommendation. Comments on the design of OWL and the content of the
documents are invited from the public through the 9th of May. Comments
from DAML implementers and experimenters are particularly sought. For
details see

DAML.ORG Goes Over 10 Million Hits

The official web site for the DAML program has received over ten million
hits as of Friday, 28 March, 2003. The very large amount of activity for
this web site reflects the significant interest around the world in DAML
technology as it supports the emerging Semantic Web: http://www.daml.org
<http://www.daml.org/> .

Abstract Specification update released for DAML Query Language

DAML Query Language (DQL) is a formal language and protocol for a
querying agent and an answering agent to use in conducting a
query-answering dialogue using knowledge represented in DAML+OIL
http://www.daml.org/language/. An update to the DAML Query language
abstract specification has just been approved today and can be seen soon
at: http://www.daml.org/dql/.

Semantic Web for Military Users Conference Planned

A Semantic Web for the Military User (SWMU) meeting is scheduled for the
7th and 8th of May in the Washington DC area. What's it all about?  This
one will be a little different than the past few in that it is more of
an exposition of the DAML program than a workshop to survey military
needs like several of the previous ones.  The purpose is to prepare the
military for the coming revolution of the Semantic Web.  We are aiming
at military technical managers, those who have influence over the
introduction of technology into the military services and their key
contributing technology contractors, including a fairly senior level and
a more detailed technical level. The first day will be spent in showing
invitees the potential of the Semantic Web, a top-level tutorial of
DAML/OWL, a roadmap to get to the vision, what the early adopters are
doing, what a pilot program might look like, and the tools and
technologies available to implement a pilot program. Day one is capped
off with early adopter demos.  Day two includes more detailed tutorials
on available and emerging tools and technologies as well as demos that
could contribute to a pilot military program.  Day two will be designed
to support the more detail-oriented government technical manager and/or
contributing contractor. If you'd like to receive an invitation for
this, and fit the category of a military technical manager as above,
please let Tom Martin know, tmartinrme@xxxxxxxxxxx

University of Maryland unveils new OWL-Powered Web Site

The University of Maryland's Semantic Web and Agent Project (MINDSWAP)
unveiled the latest generation of its Semantic Web sites,
http://owl.mindswap.org <http://owl.mindswap.org/> . This new site,
by RDF and OWL, is completely driven from ontologies and RDF data using
a combination of open source tools and a number of different Semantic
Web techniques. (Note: Due to an "incompatibility" in IE 6.0's handling
of XHTML, the site currently looks better viewed through Netscape or
similar browsers.)

DAML+OIL Editor Released

The DAML+OIL plug-in for Protege-2000 has been released. The plug-in
users to import DAML+OIL ontologies into Protege, to manipulate imported
newly created ontologies using Protege's user-friendly GUI, and to
export ontologies into textual DAML+OIL. The plugin supports the latest
version of
DAML+OIL (March 2001). If you would like to hear about the latest
information regarding the plugin, please consider subscribing to our
low-volume, moderated mailing list by sending an email to
<mailto:daml+oil-plugin-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx with "subscribe" in the
subject line. Information about the system, downloads, and an online
tutorial can be found at http://www.ai.sri.com/daml/DAML+OIL-plugin/
<http://www.ai.sri.com/daml/DAML+OIL-plugin/> .

OMG UML Ontology Definition RFP

At its last technical meeting, 24-28th March in Orlando, Florida, the
Management Group (OMG)  voted to release an Ontology Definition
RFP. The OMG is the standards body for the widely used UML software and
modeling language. This RFP solicits proposals for a standard ontology
metamodel, a UML profile for ontology definition, and a language mapping
the W3C Web Ontology Language OWL DL. Adoption of this standard will
ontology development to the thousands of engineers already familiar with

UML.  Initial proposal submissions are due in August 2003 with adoption
currently scheduled for June 2004. The Ontology Definition RFP is
at http://www.omg.org/cgi-bin/doc?ontology/2003-03-01

DAML/OWL Semantic Reference Data

A set of reference Ontologies and related Instance data is being
under the DAML program. Reference data will support a large
cross-section of
Semantic Web user by allowing them to more quickly develop their own
domain-specific ontologies by linking to established and accepted common

semantic information. Examples of available reference
include: geographic locations, English words, U.S. military terms, U.S.
states and regions, U.S. cities, countries, airports, companies, postal
codes, country information, country leaders, geographic information,
country telephone codes, the periodic tables of elements, time zones,
etc. In addition, more general ontologies representing the time and
geospatial (under development) will have very broad re-use utility. Some
DAML researches believe the development of a solid set of reference
ontologies/instance data will be a key and essential step to achieving
wide use of the Semantic Web. Current semantic data sets and a list of
some additional needed data sets can be found at:

Ontology Driven Knowledge Dissemination to Support Marine Corps

AT&T was awarded the next phase of the Marine Corps' Ground Logistics
Command and Control (GLC2) program which embeds Ontology Driven
Knowledge Dissemination (ODKD) capability developed as part of the CODIP
program. ODKD routes messages based on their DAML markup and user
defined RDF Query Language (RQL) subscriptions.   In GCL2 a Marine would
generate and send the appropriate support request from their Digital
Communications Terminal with appropriate DAML markup and contextual
information generated automatically.ODKD then routes the messages to the
appropriate receivers based on the RQL channel definitions. The ODKD is
integrated with AT&T's Mobile Network services which provides part of
the GLC2 communications infrastructure.

DAML Geospatial Ontology Initiative Underway

An ad-hoc working group is developing a DAML geospatial ontology. The
goals of the effort are be to produce an ontology that would: (1) Enable
general, though not necessarily efficient, reasoning about spatial
concepts, (2) Link with more efficient specialized reasoning engines for
spatial reasoning, (3) Link with the numerous databases that exist
containing a wealth of specific, e.g.,geographical, spatial information,
(4)  Support convenient query capabilities for spatial information.  An
archived mail list has been set up to facilitate discussion related to
geo-spatial ontologies. To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email
message to majordomo@xxxxxxxx

reply to=3D3E67AF53.4DCC1806@xxxxxxx>  with the text "subscribe
daml-spatial" in the body of the message. The archive is at
<http://www.daml.org/listarchive/daml-spatial> .

Very Large Scale OWL Inference Experiment Proves Successful

Over the last year a large number of DAML researchers from around the
world have used GRID computing resources to achieve the CPU cycles
needed to conduct a very large scale experiment to prove the power of
inferencing using OWL. The DAML inferencing experiment (DIE) proved to
be very successful. The results can be seen at

DAML at conferences

Planning is underway for the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference
(ISWC2003) to be held 20-23 October 2003 in Sanibel Island, Florida,
with a
strong representation from the DAML program. The deadline for papers is
April 15. See http://iswc2003.semanticweb.org
<http://iswc2003.semanticweb.org/>  for more information.

Papers and other publications related to DAML can be seen at:

Archive of HotDAML Newsletters <http://www.daml.org/newsletters/>

Subscription, Questions, Comments, Story Tips

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