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Subject: (SeWeb) 2-nd CfP: Invited session AKSS-CE at 10-th ISPECE'2003
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 16:58:06 +0100
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From: Vadim Ermolayev <eva@xxxxxxxxx> 
Subject: (SeWeb) 2-nd CfP: Invited session AKSS-CE at 10-th ISPE CE'2003 
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2-nd Call for Papers: Automated Knowledge and Service Sharing in 
Agent-Enabled Concurrent Engineering    (04)

Our apologies for cross-postings    (05)

Dear collegues,
Please find below the Call for Papers. Deadline for paper submissions is 
Friday, February, the 28-th, 2003.    (06)

ISPE/CE2003 Conference and Exhibition 
Carlton Madeira Hotel - Madeira Island, Portugal 
26 - 30 JULY, 2003 
http://isg.uninova.pt/ce2003/     (07)

Invited Session on: 
Automated Knowledge and Service Sharing 
in Agent-Enabled Concurrent Engineering 
http://www.zsu.zp.ua/ce-2003    (08)

Call for Papers
Concurrent Engineering (CE) is widely known as an effective product 
development approach. Its major objective is to reduce the
development time and effort through a better integration of activities
processes. As defined by the US Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), CE
the systematic approach to the integrated, concurrent design of products 
and related processes, including manufacturing and support throughout
whole product life cycle from conception to disposal.     (09)

CE methodology becomes even more attractive today and in the future when 
the procedures and the technologies of design and manufacturing become
globalized, standardized, dynamic and flexible. The challenge for the 
future generation of CE methodologies and infrastructures is the
of the solutions for automated rational interoperation among independent 
human and artificial team-players in open organizations. The appearance
virtual enterprises, consortia as temporary coalitions in design and 
manufacturing make CE activities and processes globally dispersed 
organizationally and geographically. Another big task for CE methodology
to properly and effectively guide the assembly of a design or a
process from matching distributed service components. The services are 
evidently provided by independent parties and possess varying
and price over time. The facet of reputation and trust among the members
these open dynamic constellations of economically rational agents is of 
extreme importance as well.     (010)

The agent paradigm has proved its capability to provide successful 
solutions for the application areas where autonomous, loosely-coupled, 
heterogeneous, and distributed systems or players need to rationally 
interoperate in order to achieve a common goal. Ontologies are
as shared common specifications of the concepts used for interoperation
open heterogeneous systems of autonomous rational agents. It is topical 
that both Agents and Ontologies are central to the rapidly emerging 
Semantic Web. Their combined use will enable the sharing of
autonomous knowledge on services, service providers, service
in a scalable, adaptable and extensible manner in frame of the Semantic
of Services.     (011)

The focus of CE'2003 is "The vision for the future generation".
this, we solicit research and profound visionary papers providing for 
better understanding of and forming the emerging landscape of 
(semi-)automated knowledge sharing models, methodologies, solutions and 
infrastructures in agent-enabled CE.    (012)

The scope of the session is formed of, but not limited to, the following 
- Models, methodologies and solutions supporting the semi-automation of 
knowledge sharing in open CE organizations 
- Ontology based semantic interoperation among agents in open CE
- Modelling and semantics of life cycles in CE 
- Automated negotiation, argumentation and reaching consensus among 
team-players in the processes of CE 
- Dynamic CE process planning execution and control by coalitions of 
interoperating agents 
- Semantic Web Services as an enabling technology for agent-based CE 
- Dynamic reputation assessment, trust and coalition formation among
in CE domain    (013)

Submissions and Publication
Only full paper submissions will be accepted to CE2003, subject to the 
international scientific rules for review. Only electronic submissions
be accepted to the Session. Please submit the PDF version of your 
manuscript to one of the Session co-chairs:
Vadim Ermolayev 
Dept. of Mathematical modeling and IT, 
Zaporozhye State Univ., 
Zaporozhye, Ukraine 
eva@xxxxxxxxx    (014)

Valentina Tamma 
Department of Computer Science 
University of Liverpool 
Liverpool UK 
valli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    (015)

Proceedings will be published as an ISBN numbered book with accompanying
by A.A. Balkema Publishers (http://balkema.ima.nl/) and will be
at the conference.    (016)

The authors of selected papers will be invited to publish their extended 
versions in International Scientific Journals: 
- International Journal of Concurrent Engineering: Research &
(CERA Journal) (http://www.ceraj.com/) 
- International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management (IJIEM) 
- International Journal of Agile Manufacturing(IJAM) 
- Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems(JAMS) 
(http://www.worldscinet.com/jams/jams.shtml)    (017)

Submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three members of the 
conference program committee and selected on the basis of their
originality and scientific quality. Program committee members targeted
the session submissions review are (alphabetically):
Sonia Bergamaschi Univ. of Modena, Italy 
Ying Ding Univ. of Insbruck, Austria 
Vadim Ermolayev (co-chair) Zaporozhye State Univ., Ukraine,
Valentina Tamma (co-chair) Univ. of Liverpool, UK, valli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Steven Willmott Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain 
Michael Wooldridge Univ. of Liverpool, UK    (018)

Author guidelines
Papers should include: Title, name(s) and affiliations(s) of authors, an 
abstract of no more than 200 words, a set of relevant keywords,
in a manuscript of six to eight A4-size pages together with figures and 
references.     (019)

Please also include a cover sheet containing name, address, telephone,
numbers, and e-mail address of the person to whom correspondence
the paper should be addressed.     (020)

Formatting guidelines may be downloaded from 
http://isg.uninova.pt/ce2003/instrution_to_authors.htm    (021)

Important dates
Friday, February 28, 2003: Paper submission deadline 
Monday, March 24, 2003: Notification of acceptance 
Monday, April 14, 2003: Camera ready due 
Monday, April 21, 2003: Preliminary program due 
Friday, April 25, 2003: Early bird registration deadline    (022)

Dr. Vadim A. Ermolayev 
Dept of Mathematical modelling and IT 
Zaporozhye State University 
66, Zhukovskogo st., 
69063, Zaporozhye, 
Tel. +380 61 264 17 24 
Fax. +380 61 264 45 46 
E-mail mailto:eva@xxxxxxxxx 
URL: http://www.google.com/search?q=Vadim+Ermolayev 
or: http://eva.zsu.zp.ua/    (023)

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