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Subject: (SeWeb) Call for Contributions
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 21:42:24 +0100
From: Ying Ding <ying@xxxxxxxx>
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>From: Norman Sadeh <sadeh@xxxxxxxxxx>
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>                         Call for Contributions
>Fifth International Conference on
>Pittsburgh, PA, USA
>October 1-3, 2003
>** April 1, 2003 deadline for paper submission **
>**February 15, 2003 deadline for workshop and tutorial proposals**
>With adoption of eBusiness practices continuing to rise and with annual
>worldwide transaction volumes poised to pass the trillion-dollar mark, it
>is clear that eBusiness is here to stay. Despite the gloom and doom of the
>post-bubble years, eBusiness innovation has not stopped. This is
>exemplified by the emergence of Web services, the mobile Internet, agent
>technologies, wireless computing, novel market mechanisms, automated
>trading and negotiation techniques, P2P technologies, pervasive computing,
>the Semantic Web and Online Dispute Resolution to name just a few. Along
>with the many promises they hold, these technologies and associated
>practices continue to challenge established business models as well as
>existing legal and regulatory frameworks. As the leading eBusiness
>research conference, ICEC provides an interdisciplinary forum where both
>researchers and practitioners come together, present their latest findings
>and engage in discussions aimed at charting the future of this fascinating
>and ever-expanding area.
>As in the past, ICEC2003 will feature invited presentations, high-level
>panels, refereed paper presentations, tutorials and seminars aimed at
>taking stock of eBusiness today and at uncovering future opportunities and
>challenges. In contrast to more specialized eCommerce events, ICEC is open
>to technical, business as well as policy contributions and strongly
>encourages submission of panel and workshop proposals of an
>interdisciplinary nature.
>ICEC2003 welcomes the submission of original, previously unpublished,
>papers focused on the themes of electronic commerce. The papers will be
>published in conference proceedings. Arrangements are also being made with
>a number of leading journals to organize special issues featuring extended
>versions of the best papers.
>The conference will be organized around three tracks:
>       The eCommerce Technologies track will focus on technologies for
>supporting the practices of eBusiness.
>Track Co-Chairs: Yannis Labrou (Fujitsu) & Onn Shehory (IBM)
>Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) trading mechanisms
>(e.g., auctions, exchanges, fixed-price, RFP), trade and communication
>strategies, price determination, winner determination, collaborative
>eCommerce, quality of service in eCommerce, mobile commerce, intelligent
>agents, security mechanisms, electronic contracting and commitment,
>negotiation and dispute resolution, models and analysis of marketplaces,
>product/service description and cataloging, electronic payment systems,
>trust, privacy and reputation in eCommerce, multi-lingual electronic
>commerce, eCRM, web services, supply chain management, and semantic web
>       The eBusiness Management track will focus on the management,
>business models and adoption challenges of eCommerce.
>Track Co-Chairs: Robert Kauffman (U. of Minnesota) and Rahul Telang (CMU)
>Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) B2B markets and
>exchanges, eConsumer behavior, B2C eCommerce, buyer search behavior and
>shopping agents, eCommerce adoption, diffusion and procurement,
>personalization and targeting, pricing and price discrimination models,
>eTailer competition and strategies, direct marketing, user satisfaction,
>web content quality, reputation, knowledge management, and user privacy.
>       The eCommerce Law and Policy track
>Track Co-Chairs: Lorrie Cranor (AT&T) and Mary Jo Dively (CMU)
>Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) privacy, digital
>rights management and intellectual property issues, international legal
>framework, information security, authentication systems, security versus
>commerce, outsourcing, competition, Internet governance, online dispute
>resolution, consumer protection, regulation of online
>activities,  taxation, and sovereign censorship.
>The organization around tracks is to ensure that each paper is reviewed by
>the most knowledgeable experts in the field. It should not be construed as
>a requirement that papers fall within a given track. To the contrary, we
>strongly encourage interdisciplinary submissions.
>Papers should be written in English, and not be simultaneously submitted
>for publication elsewhere (previous publication of partial results at
>workshops with informal proceedings is allowed). Authors are invited to
>submit papers in Word, PDF or postscript by April 1, 2003  see conference
>website for details. Submissions should not exceed 5000 words, including
>an abstract of up to 150 words and a list of references. Each submission
>should also indicate one or more relevant tracks and include a list of up
>to 6 relevant keywords to facilitate the review process. Over-length
>papers will be rejected without consideration.
>Conference organizers are also inviting proposals for workshops,
>tutorials, and panels. These are due by February 15, 2003. For submission
>requirements, please contact:
>       Workshops: Bruce McLaren (workshop chair, bmclaren+@xxxxxxxx)
>  Tutorials: Terry Payne (tutorial co-chair, trp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
>  Panels: Norman Sadeh (general chair, sadeh@xxxxxxxxxx)
>Please consult the conference web page for updates: http://www.icec03.org
>For questions, please contact the conference secretariat at icec03@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Local organization of the conference is provided by Carnegie Mellon
>University through collaboration between the Institute for eCommerce, the
>School of Computer Science, the Heinz School of Management and Public
>Policy, the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, the Institute
>for Software Research International, the Institute for the Study of
>Information Technologies and Society, the Sustainable Computing
>Consortium. The conference is further supported by the International
>Center for Electronic Commerce (www.icec.net).
>General Chair
>Prof. Norman M. Sadeh, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
>International Program  Co-Chairs
>Dr. Lorrie Cranor, AT&T, USA (eCommerce Law and Policy Co-Chair)
>Mary Jo Dively, Esq., Carnegie Mellon University, USA (eCommerce Law and
>Policy Co-Chair)
>Prof. Robert Kauffman, University of Minnesota, USA (eBusiness Management
>Dr. Yannis Labrou, Fujitsu, USA (eCommerce Technology Co-Chair)
>Dr. Onn Shehory, IBM, Israel (eCommerce Technology Co-Chair)
>Prof. Rahul Telang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (eBusiness Management
>Dr. Bruce McLaren, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
>Dr. Terry Payne, University of Southampton, UK
>Dr. Onn Shehory, IBM, Israel
>Conference Advisors
>Prof. L. K. Chan, City University of Hong Kong, China
>Prof. David Farber, University of Pennsylvania, USA
>Prof. Hardy Hanappi, University of Technology, Austria
>Prof. Jim Hendler, University of Maryland at College Park, USA
>Prof. Richard Ho, City University of Honk Kong, China
>Prof. Nick Jennings, University of Southampton, UK
>Prof. Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
>Prof. Jae Kyu Lee, KAIST, Korea
>Prof. Louis Ma, City University of Hong Kong, China
>Prof. Tridas Mukhopadhyay, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
>Jeffrey B. Ritter, Esq., Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP, USA
>Prof. Beat Schmid, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
>Prof. Michael Shamos, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
>Prof. Michael Shaw, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A.
>Prof. Andrew Whinston, University of Texas at Austin, USA
>Organization Chair
>Dr. Raghu Arunachalam, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
>Workshop and Tutorial Proposals Due on:         February 15, 2003
>Papers Due on:                                          April     1,   2003
>Author Notification:                                    May      15, 2003
>Camera Ready Copy Due on:                       June      15, 2003
>Conference Dates:                               October 1-3, 2003
>Workshops and Tutorials:                                September
>30-October3, 2003
>Prof. Norman M. Sadeh
>Director, Mobile Commerce Lab.
>Director, e-Supply Chain Management Lab.
>eCommerce Institute - Wean Hall 1325
>ISRI - School of Computer Science
>Carnegie Mellon University
>5000 Forbes Avenue
>Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
>Tel: +1 (412) 268-8144
>Fax:  +1 (412) 291-1110
>Email: sadeh@xxxxxxxxxx
>Secretary:   Monika De Reno, Tel: (412)268-3163, mdereno@xxxxxxxxxx
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Dr. Ying Ding
Div of Math & Comp Sci
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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