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[ontolog] Request for Input

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From: Kurt Conrad <conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 22:50:27 -0800
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Ontolog Members,    (01)

First, on a personal note, I'd like to say that things have picked up 
quite nicely on the ontolog forum.  We have added a few more active 
members and observers. I'm very impressed with the volume and quality 
of the discussion, especially as it relates to the relative strengths 
and weaknesses of different representation schemes.    (02)

Now, on to the official portion of this message:    (03)

The conveners are planning to do a detailed analysis of the 
introductions and "wish list" items to develop a candidate program 
for the forum, including a proposed organization and action plan.    (04)

To simplify this process, Peter has prepared an online form.  It can 
be found at http://ontolog.cim3.org/survey/ontolog0.html    (05)

Please complete the form at your earliest convenience.  For those of 
you who already provided an introductory statement, we would greatly 
appreciate your assistance in loading this information into our database.    (06)

For the few people still haven't provided an introductory statement, 
this is an ideal time to do so. Your input, even if you joined as an 
observer, is important to us in our efforts to draft a program that 
is of interest to the greatest number of members.    (07)

In closing, let me again express my appreciation to all of you who 
have joined "our little forum".    (08)

/s/ kwc 2002.11/24 22:50    (09)

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