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[ontolog] Switching Platform for the forum

To: ontology@xxxxxxxx
From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 13:33:43 -0700
Message-id: <3D52D5A7.FF7A958@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Further to our discussion yesterday, it turns out that the Blue Oxen
infrastructure is about ready -- faster than I had originally
anticipated.    (01)

Therefore, rather than having to switch over AFTER we had started the
new forum on the "cim3.net" server, I am planning to install the
[ontolog] infrastructure directly onto "blueoxen.net" server right away.
The latter is on an even faster and more reliable platform too. I am
going to do it over this coming weekend. Might have to bother you guys
with a re-test, but I don't anticipate much problem.    (02)

We can proceed with sending out the invitation, as long as we don't give
our the  "list address" and "archive site" URL on that invitation. Or,
Kurt, you might choose to wait until this switch is confirmed to be
working 100% (hopefully, early next week). Your pick, Kurt -- let us
know either way.    (03)

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress on this list.    (04)

Thanks & regards,
--    (05)

An archive of the [ontolog] forum can be found
at http://www.cim3.net/lists/ontolog/    (06)
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