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[ontolog] Re: Yim 8/6/2002: Ontology Fellow....

To: Monica Martin <mmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx>, jimclark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: ontology@xxxxxxxx
From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 07:57:23 -0700
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Hello Monica,    (01)

Thank you for writing and for introducing Jim.    (02)

Your message is timely, as we (Kurt Conrad, Leo Obrst and I) are just about
to restart the [ontolog] mailing-list. The forum will be discussing general
issues and strategies associated with the development of both formal and
informal ontologies used in business, and will discuss ontological
engineering approaches as they might be applied to the UBL effort. This will
be off-line from the highly focused and time-sensitive activities of the UBL
TC, but is intended to provide actionable recommendations to that group.    (03)

We'll be sending out invitations to a small group of participants shortly.
For now, invitees will include UBL members who had indicated interest, plus
a handful of ontology/KR experts.    (04)

It will be wonderful if Jim can join the forum and engage in the discussion
-- that way, among other things, we can *really* be exploring how that
subject matter relates to the BDV (or any of the other layers in your
business collaboration protocol stack) in the UMM.
Would you be interested, Jim?    (05)

For your reference, see a recent dialog which outlined some of our initial
thinking on the upcoming forum
at http://www.cim3.net/lists/ontolog/0207/msg00002.html    (06)

Best regards,
--    (07)

Monica Martin wrote Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:20:16 -0700:    (08)

> Peter,
> Long time no see....I was speaking to Jim Clark today and we discussed
> the values of the Semantic Web and Ontologies.  Jim suggested you speak
> with him and how that relates to the Business Domain View (BDV) in the
> UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (UMM).
> He is at: jimclark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jimclark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> .
> Regards.
> Monica J. Martin
> Program Manager
> Drake Certivo, Inc.
> 208.585.5946    (09)

An archive of the [ontolog] forum can be found
at http://www.cim3.net/lists/ontolog/    (010)
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