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From: Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 09:48:56 -0700 (PDT)
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Kurt,    (01)

The plan you describe makes sense to me.  My chief concern is that
input to UBL be limited to actionable items.    (02)

Jon    (03)

   Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 19:58:47 -0700
   From: Kurt Conrad <conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   Cc: ubl-ontolog@xxxxxxxx    (04)

   Jon,    (05)

   I reviewed our conversation with Peter.  He and I have come up with 
   the following action plan, which we hope is sufficiently sensitive to 
   our shared concerns about disrupting current UBL activities and 
   timetables.    (06)

   1) Peter has "partially reactivated" the ubl-ontolog list by seeding 
   it with a small number of email accounts.  This will provide a 
   mechanism for archiving these startup messages.  You have been 
   included and should have seen the message that he posted, earlier today.    (07)

   2) Over the next few days, Peter will set up a new ontolog mailing 
   list.  The initial charter has two areas of focus:
       * Discuss general issues and strategies associated with the 
   development of both formal and informal ontologies used in business
       * Discuss ontological engineering approaches as they might be 
   applied to the UBL effort
   3) We will invite a limited number of individuals who have previously 
   expressed interest to participate.  Invitations could go out as soon 
   as early next week.  The following individuals are currently expected 
   to be invited:
       * Mike Adcock
       * Jon Bosak
       * Bill Burcham
       * Kurt Conrad
       * Chris Doyal
       * Tony Loeser
       * Monica Martin
       * Bill Meadows
       * Tim McGrath
       * Bo Newman
       * Leo Oberst
       * Sue Probert
       * Marion Royal
       * Lisa Seaburg
       * Ray Seddigh
       * Ron Schuldt
       * Peter Yim
   4) We expect to kick off the discussion list by reviewing and 
   refining the mission statements listed above.    (08)

   5) Where the discussion raises specific issues or leads to specific 
   proposals or recommendations for the UBL effort, they will be 
   separately documented and forwarded to you for consideration.  The 
   goal will be to provide actionable recommendations, not just general 
   issues that would require further study.    (09)

   Thoughts, comments, concerns?    (010)

   /s/ kwc 2002.07.11 19:58    (011)

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