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Re: [ontolog] UBL 5/24/2002: UBL Agenda and Registration

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Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 09:14:51 +0800
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we have asked for a speakerphone and could arrange a call - have you had 
confirmation yet mark?    (01)

Monica Martin wrote:    (02)

>I would be interested in any sessions I could attend.  I have signed up
>for LCSC but intend to comment on NDR work.  I understand there will be
>one lunch ontology session, which may not be accessible via phone.  I
>would email Tim but we have not gotten the issues on bounceback worked
>out yet (in my IT dept).
>Thanks for the feedback and your consideration.
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>       Subject: Re: UBL 5/23/2002: UBL Agenda and Registration
>       Hi Monica-- Which subcommittee/interest sessions are you
>       interested in?  (I'm guessing the ontology discussion is on your
>       list...)  Does it include both NDR and LC?  Mark, do we have the
>       of telecon hookups?
>               Eve
>       Monica Martin wrote:
>       > I found out today I will not be allowed to travel to
>       > However, I would like to contribute to the sessions during the
>week.  If
>       > there is any way there could be a call-in number, it would be
>       > appreciated.
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tim mcgrath
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