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[ontolog] Agenda for the ontology mini-program at the Minneapolis F2F Me

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From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 02:47:30 -0700
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1. Ref my earlier proposal,
(see http://ubl.cim3.org/lists/ubl-ontolog/0205/msg00001.html#nid04)
I suggested a 3 part mini-program, to which Tim proposed a fourth piece (see 4 
below) --    (01)

         (1)  A plenary, with
             (a)  a tutorial on ontology & ontological engineering -- to be 
given by Leo Obrst
             (b)  followed by Q&A and very high level discussions of where this 
can lead us    (02)

         (2)  Three separate sessions with individual sub-committees
             (a)  with Library Content SC
             (b)  with Naming & Design Rules SC
             (c)  with Context Methodology & Context Driver SCs    (03)

         (3)  A gathering of a sub-group of UBL members who are interested in 
pursuing this further
             (a)  brainstorm and to map out what should be done
             (b)  discuss how we should approach and continue this work,
             (c)  get organized (propose forming an SC; appointing a liaison; 
...etc.), and
             (d)  make formal proposals on institutionalizing continuing 
activities.    (04)

         (4)  develop examples of ontological analysis as applied to UBL 
semantics.    (05)

2. Through iterative discussions, the time/participation allocated to this 
activity at Minneapolis
will effectively be --    (06)

   (i)    a 1.5-hour working lunch session on day-1 (Mon 03-Jun-02) with the 
entire UBL membership,    (07)

   (ii)   say, 1 hour, within the day-2 morning (9:00-12:00) session with the 
LCSC, during which
time, Tim-lcsc has planned to cover "UDEF/ontology/controlled 
vocabulary/context drivers".
   (iii)  a 1-1.5 hour day-2 lunch session of members who have indicated their 
interest in pursuing
the ontological discussion/work.
   (iv)  possibly some time to present relevant issues during the joint 
LCSC-NDRSC session during
the afternoon of day-2.
   (v)   continued work in developing examples of ontological analysis as 
applied to UBL semantics
within LCSC during days-3 & -4
   (vi)  Day-5 9:30 - 10:00 (Fri 07-Jun-02) pre-closing plenary presentation of 
analysis as applied to UBL.    (08)

3. Due to other unavoidable conflicts, both Leo and myself (Peter Yim) will 
only be attending the
F2F on Monday & Tuesday (6/3~4/02). We'll be there full-day on both days, 
though.    (09)

4. Therefore, my proposed draft agenda, given the circumstances, is --    (010)

    (i)   do 1 (a+b), and even some 2 (b+c) during the day-1 lunch session,
    (ii)  do 2(a) during day-2 morning,
    (iii) do 3(a+b+c) during day-2 lunch,
    (iv) do more 2(b+c) if necessay during day-2 afternoon,
    (v)  do 4 during day-3 & day-4.
    (vi) do a presentation of the week's work & 3(d) during the day-5 morning 
session.    (011)

5. I've also requested with Tim, earlier, for phone conferencing facilities, so 
that interested
parties who cannot be at Minneapolis can also join us.    (012)

Let's work this up a little more and try to optimize the precious face-time at 
Minneapolis.    (013)

Thanks & regards,
--    (014)

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