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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:23:16 -0800
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Re: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2012_12_12    (01)

Dear Colleagues,    (02)

This is a quick notice about the change of schedule for the
EarthScienceOntolog mini-series session 5.    (03)

Note that, rather than the previously scheduled time (Thu 2012.12.13 -
 starting 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST) ... this 2-Hour session has now
been rescheduled to Wednesday 2012.12.12, and will be starting at:
9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 6:00pm CET / 17:00 GMT/UTC (Wednesday,
rather than Thursday, and starting half-an-hour earlier than usual.)    (04)

Please mark/update your calendars accordingly.    (05)

****************** Background *********************    (06)

The mini-series (dubbed: "EarthScienceOntolog") is designed to explore
the current status and application of multi-level ontologies towards
developing a semantically enabled cyberinfrastructure for the Earth
Science Community. In addition, one key mission of the mini-series is
to bring together members of both communities (Earth Science and
Ontology/Semantics) into a meaningful dialog. We anticipate that the
sharing of requirements and use cases, geo-science problems and
issues, ontological engineering architectures and approaches, and
prospective tools, will enable collaborative understanding of the
challenges and potential value in the application of ontology and
semantics in Earth Science.    (07)

This mini-series of virtual events are co-organized/supported by
members of the EarthCube community, Ontolog community,
SOCoP community and the IAOA community.    (08)

********************* Details ************************    (09)

EarthScienceOntolog: Panel Session-05 - Wed 2012-12-12    (010)

Mini-Series Theme: An Earth Science Ontology Dialog    (011)

Session Co-chairs:
  Dr. Nancy Wiegand (U of Wisconsin, Madison), and
  Mr. Mike Dean (Raytheon-BBN)    (012)

Session Program:
  (i)  Tutorial (as planned), followed by
  (ii) a mini-series wrap-up by Professor KrishnaSinha (Virginia Tech)
and Dr. Leo Obrst (MITRE)    (013)

Program details: to be announced    (014)

******    (015)

Similar to the earlier mini-series sessions, and like all Ontolog
virtual events, are open and free of charge. Anyone who is interested,
or (better still) who may have something to contribute, is welcome.
Please refer to event details on the session pages, to which the
hyperlink is given above, where you will find session agenda,
conference call dial-in, slides and other pertinent information. Feel
free to pass this invitation along to colleagues who may also find
these sessions to be of interest.    (016)

*RSVP* by emailing Peter Yim at <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> offline (or add
yourself directly to the session page if you are already an Ontolog or
Ontology Summit community member) so that we can prepare enough
resources to support everyone. [Please state clearly the date of the
session you are registering for in your email.]    (017)

These sessions will be recorded and made available in a publicly
accessible archive. Therefore, before participating, please make sure
you are cognizant of our IPR policy (ref:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nid32).    (018)

Regards. =ppy    (019)

For and on behalf of    (020)

the Session-5 Co-chairs,
  Nancy Wiegand & Mike Dean    (021)

and the EarthScienceOntolog mini-series Organizing Committee,
  Dalia Varanka
  Gary Berg-Cross
  Krishna Sinha
  Krzysztof Janowicz
  Leo Obrst
  Mark Schildhauer
  Mike Dean
  Naicong Li
  Nancy Wiegand
  Pascal Hitzler
  Peter Yim    (022)

--    (023)

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