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[iaoa-general] Public report of IAOA-EC meeting (n.39)

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From: Stefano Borgo <borgo@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:04:02 +0100
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Dear IAOA-general mailing list subscribers,    (01)

please, find below the public report of the 39th IAOA Executive Council meeting.    (02)

The past public reports are collected at
http://www.iaoa.org/council/reports/reports.html    (03)

If you are an IAOA member but do not have the password to access the IAOA 
member's area (http://www.iaoa.org/ios/ios.php), 
contact the association at: info@xxxxxxxx    (04)

Stefano Borgo
on behalf of IAOA EC    (05)

---    (06)

Thirty-ninth meeting of the IAOA Executive Council (EC)
Virtual Meeting of 16 Mar 2011    (07)

Nicola Guarino (chair)
Stefano Borgo
Giancarlo Guizzardi
Riichiro Mizoguchi
Leo Obrst
Laure Vieu
Peter Yim    (08)

The EC discussed the status of IAOA supported events. The EC aims to increase 
the diffusion initiatives. For this, it will consider setting up an open space 
for generic announcements, perhaps in the form of an open bulletin board. The 
page for IAOA supported events might also be structured further.
The EC reminds IAOA members that they can freely post in the mailing list and 
suggest/propose events to support.    (09)

The EC is proceeding with the discussion of the Bylaws. In this meeting, the EC 
focussed on an article to rule the IAOA Advisory Board.    (010)

The IAOA 2010 financial statement and 2011 budget will be published by 
mid-April; a vote will be taken to adopt them officially, in the form of a 
virtual Assembly.    (011)

(End of Report)    (012)

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