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Maria Luiza de Almeida Campos
UFF- Departamento de Ciência da Informação - Brasil

2010/4/7 Maria Teresa Biagetti <mariateresa.biagetti@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I confirm my presence at virtual assembly.
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Subject: [iaoa-general] IAOA EC election: information and procedure

Dear all,

If you are already a member of the International Association of Applied Ontology (IAOA), it is now time for you to elect our next Executive Council and to participate in the the upcoming first IAOA Assembly. The assembly will begin virtually and culminate in a face-to-face Assembly Meeting in Toronto on May 13, 2010 (all dates below are for the year 2010.) In accordance with the “Transitory Provisions” of the IAOA Statute, all present (transitional) IAOA Executive Council members will be stepping down and a newly elected Executive Council will take over.

If you are not yet an IAOA member, it is not too late to get involved. Participating in the Assembly, nominating, standing as, and voting for candidates for the Executive Council requires that you be a member; so join and start shaping the association that you want, sign-up today!

This email describes in detail the procedure that will be followed to elect our new Executive Council.

For updates and further information, pls visit

Nomination: April 6 - April 23

Starting from today (April 6) you can nominate any individual (including yourself) as a candidate for membership in the next IAOA Executive Council (EC).

While any person may nominate or be nominated, only individuals who are verified, as an IAOA member in good standing prior to the actual election, may nominate or be a proper candidate to go on the ballot.

To make a nomination, either send an email to the [iaoa-member] mailing list <iaoa-member@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (if you are already an IAOA member) or write an email to our Election Coordinators (Stefano Borgo <borgo@xxxxxxxxxx> and Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>) providing (A) your name/affiliation/email-address, (B) the nominee's name/affiliation/email-address, and (C) a citation stating why your nominee would make a good candidate for the IAOA EC.

The individual making a nomination should be responsible for communicating with the nominee, see to it that they both meet the membership requirement, and get the nominee to send his/her acceptance (on the nomination and candidacy) to the Election Coordinators in writing (via email to Stefano Borgo <borgo@xxxxxxxxxx> and Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>).

The nomination period closes at midnight April 23 (CEST).

Where necessary, IAOA EC will facilitate a fast track membership approval for individuals involved in the nomination process, in case they weren't already members of IAOA (max 3 days from the time membership fee is received into the IAOA bank account).

Campaigning and discussion: April 6 - April 26

Once a nominee has been verified to be a member in good standing, and has accepted the nomination, he/she can start his/her campaign activities on the [iaoa-member] mailing list <iaoa-member@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Candidates are encouraged to make position statements and plans they have if elected to the EC. Other IAOA Members are invited to ask questions, seek clarifications on the candidates' plans etc.

Other items to be voted on by the Assembly will also be introduced and discussed during this period.

The mailing list has no moderator and IAOA members are encouraged to interact freely.

Campaigning and discussion will close on midnight April 26 (CEST).

Official start of the First IAOA Assembly: April 27

The President shall call the Assembly to order (virtually, in an email message), and publish the list of candidates that may be elected to the next IAOA Executive Council membership, along with other items that will be on the (electronic) ballot.

All members are expected to respond to this message to confirm their presence at this virtual assembly (as we will need to satisfy the quorum requirement, as stipulated in the IAOA Statute.)

Any error or discrepancy found on the published list should be reflected to the IAOA President and the Election Coordinators on the same day (Apr. 27) for rectification.

Ballot: April 28 - May 3

IAOA members can vote online from April 28 till midnight May 3 (CEST).

The web address and access details will be distributed before the opening of the ballot.

Each member can cast one vote on each topic.

A vote for the IAOA EC means the selection of up to 9 members from the list of candidates.

A vote for an item means the selection of one among the provided options for that item.

All votes are anonymous.

Voting outcome:

The 9 members that receive more votes among the candidates for the EC are elected and will form the new IAOA EC.

In the case of a tie, the candidate that became IAOA member first (based on the date the person signed up as an IAOA member) will be elected. If there is still a tie, the youngest is elected.

The members that are elected will form the new IAOA Executive Committee and will take office during the IAOA Assembly face-to-face meeting on May 13 (Toronto, Canada).

On other items, the option that receives more votes is chosen. In the case of a tie, the President chooses one among the options that received the highest number of votes.

Unless we run into the situation that we were not able to meet the quorum requirement, in which case a second call will be necessary (and hence the schedule may be delayed,) the outcome of the voting will be announced to the [iaoa-member] mailing list by May 5.

Summary: election time-table

- election announcement: April 6 (email to be sent by the IAOA secretary … i.e. this message)

- nomination and discussion opens: April 6

- campaigning: upon completion of the nomination-verification-acceptance of a candidate

- nomination closes: April 23

- campaigning and discussion closes: April 26

- candidate list and other ballot items published: April 27

- ballot opens: April 28

- ballot closes: end-of-day May 3 (Monday, CEST)

- announcement of election results: May 5

Feel free to contact me if you need further information.


IAOA Secretary

P.S. Any additional information or clarification will be posted at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_ExecutiveCouncil_Election_2010

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