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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:34:04 -0500
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Werner and all, (and I am cc-ing the IAOA Infrastructure Committee, to ensure common communication about this)


Oliver Kutz has now added info about the Summer Institute to the IAOA page, with links to Vespucci.





There is also a news item on the main page.


I think all of the registration will be done by Vespucci, right? Currently, navigating the Vespucci announcement of the Summer Institute at http://vespucci.org/presentation, I see that there is no separate heading for the IAOA Summer Institute, just a link describing the second week of the Vespucci programme under the heading “Process Ontology”. Werner, is it possible to have a distinct heading for the joint IAOA/Vespucci Summer Institute?


In addition, under the registration link at http://vespucci.org/registration, it says that “The Application form for the 2011 Summer Institute will be available from early 2011.” However, we have stated that the registration process began on Dec. 15, 2010. Should we correct this to Jan. 1, 2011?


Also, therefore I think we should modify the IAOA Summer Institute announcement at http://www.iaoa.org/iaoaevents/iaoaevents.php to state the following:


“Application: at http://vespucci.org/registration starting January, 1, 2011.”


Werner, please advise before Oliver makes these suggested changes.





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