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RE: [health-ont] Healthcare Informatics Panel Discussion Transcript

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  Great job on the transcript.
  I edited the part where I talked about the upper ontology, to make it
more coherent, and to give the proper journal reference.  It makes for
easier reading in the edited version.  You may want to note in the
transcript that it was edited, which is fine by me.
   I didn't turn on tracking changes, but if you need that, I ca redo
it easily.    (01)

   Pat     (02)

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Transcript    (04)

Hi Everyone,    (05)

Here is the full Healthcare Informatics Panel Discussion Transcript 
from August 25, 2005. I would appreciate it if our panelists would 
highlight the portions they consider important. Both OpenOffice and 
Microsoft Word have highlighting tools. If you then save the file 
with your initials in Capitals appended to the end of the filename, 
for example: "Health ... Transcript-RB.doc" That would be a help for 
me in putting together the summary report.    (06)

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