Recommended Readings

For this year's summit, given the diverse background of partiicipants, finding common ground and identifying which areas of the various discplines were best positioned for knowledge exchange was an interesting challenge. To this end, participants offered suggestions and pointers to the relevant literature, and AmandaVizedom graciously undertook the challenge of collecting and organizing these references. A Zotero library has been created to store and share the readings and is accessible here. We welcome any additions to this library. One can add new items to the library by joining the Ontology Summit  2014 Zotero library here .

Ontology Repository

Various Ontology Repositories exist and are used within (and sometimes across) the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data, and Applied Ontology communities. Awareness of these tends to be limited beyond a core user group for each. At minimum, this activity will include bringing these repositories into the pool of broader community resources and awareness. In particular, we intend to collect relevant ontologies that will be discussed in the various tracks and make them accessible at a repository devoted exclusively to the Ontology Summit 2014. To this end, we will make use of the very recently launched repository project, a side project of the OntoIOp standardisation effort, see .
Ontohub is particularly suited for this task as it supports the full range of ontology languages, from very lightweight ontology languages used for large datasets to e.g. expressive first-order languages or Common Logic used in more heavy-weight ontology engineering efforts.
Documentation of ontohub and its usage is ongoing and can be found at
Further activities are to be specified. Input from keepers and users of these repositories will be sought.