Ontology Summit 2014 Hackathon

Co-champions: Dan Brickley , Anatoly Levenchuk . Adviser Ken Baclawski

The mission of the Hackathon is to have fun during a 1-day long international hacking event exploring hacking solutions that span both paradigm and technology gaps between the Big Data, Semantic Web, Application Ontology domains.

In particular, the structured data gap (tables vs triples vs exotic specialized data structures vs text), schema reusability gap (ad hoc schemas vs ontology), and the hybrid reasoning gap ("statistical reasoning" vs "axiomatic reasoning"). We particularly encourage projects that cross a minimum of two (ideally three) of these themes, but hackathon teams from all areas of applied or theoretical ontologies are welcomed!

The Hackathon includes both software coding and data preparation that provide example of cross-domain experience for hackathon teams members. Hackathons are best suited to short projects dealing with tools (data modelers, reasoners, ontology editors, etc.), datasets (data models, vocabularies, ontologies, etc.) and approaches for:

  • identifying candidate tools/techniques for scaling up ontological approaches (e.g. sparse matrix representations for speed up),
  • using standards for data conversion (e.g. CSV to semantic),
  • using ontology and/or semantic web tools in data federation (e.g. reference data libraries or vocabularies),
  • providing mapping/conversion cases of data models, semantic data annotations, domain ontologies,
  • applying ontology patterns for semantic annotation and data transformation and query
  • converting of public interest datasets to semantic annotated data and publishing it
  • provide examples of "schema-free" approach for data processing
  • demonstrate statistical and logical reasoning in one task
  • infrastructure providing for Ontology Summit (e.g. website, data repository)
  • ... any other project that will be suggested by participants.
Projects that build upon and integrate themes from elsewhere across Ontology Summit-2014 are preferred.

The goal of this year's hackathon is to build upon the success of last year's collaboration Hackathon , stimulating live communication and collaboration across data, semantic and ontology communities. In particular we hope that practical hackathon projects can bring together theoretical and applied perspectives.

Send us your Hackathon Project Suggestions!

Every team leader should:

  • provide us with possible project description,
  • present his/her project (10 minutes) duringHackathon Lauch session,
  • lead his/her team during actual Hackathon Event 29th of March,
  • provide report of results that will be published on Ontology Summit 2014 website.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. How to contact us? Read more

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