Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle

Ontology Summit 2013 Tracks

Given the broad scope of this year's theme, the summit discourse was partitioned into four discussion tracks, along with several activities as, listed below. Over the course of three months, each track solicited participation from experts in business and academia who presented relevant material in weekly on-line teleconferences. The track synthesis alongside links to the community and teleconferences are contained on each track page.

Intrinsic Aspects of Ontology Evaluation

Scope: Dimensions of evaluation, methods, criteria, properties to measure. Read More

Extrinsic Aspects of Ontology Evaluaion

Scope: Requirements, evaluation framework, application domains, how evaluation helps. Read More

Building Ontologies to Meet Evaluation Criteria.

Scope: State of the art in ontology development methodologies, including key achievements and key gaps that currently exist. Read More

Software Environments for Evaluating Ontologies

Scope: State-of-the-art in software and systems for evaluating ontologies. Read More