Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle

Ontology Summit 2013 Activities

The following activities form an integral part of this year's Ontology Summit. Besides focusing effort to collaboratively coming up with the communiqué, the community had also formed teams to roll out the following activities ..."


The communiqué is intended to advance the state of the art of applied ontology by facilitating a consensus on an open question and identifying future challenges for the community. It is neither a summary of all that happened during the OS nor a research paper. Rather, it is an advocacy paper, based in the discussion, lessons, discoveries, and synthesis taking place over the course of the summit. The scope of the communiqué is therefore likely to be narrower than that of the summit. Read More

Hackaton & Clinics

The OntologySummit2013 Hackathon & Clinics Activities are intended to have summit participants collaborate intensively to create something 'real' and 'useful' (relevant to this OntologySummit and/or the "Ontology Evaluation" theme), to produce something that can be demonstrated during the face-to-face Symposium (May 2 & 3, 2013), and and possibly something that will spin-off into meaningful projects that can be continued after this Ontology Summit is over. Read More


The Survey is intended for software providers whose software environments or tools provide capabilities that assess or promote ontology quality or fitness at any point along the ontology life cycle. We encourage everyone to visit the site and to spread the word among ontology software providers that the survey is now collecting responses. At this inaugural stage, we also need your critical eyes to review the survey and provide feedback on any errors or problems you encounter. We will be making improvements as needed to ensure that the survey is clear and easy to complete. Complete the Survey

Website Developmet

The Website Development team aims to deploy an OntologySummit2013 website that on the OntologPSMW that Organize the Ontology Summit 2013 content in a way that encourages and facilitates access to and (re)use of the material.
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Community Library

For this year's summit, given the diverse background of participants, finding common ground and identifying which areas of the various disciplines were best positioned for knowledge exchange was an interesting challenge. To this end, participants offered suggestions and pointers to the relevant literature, and AmandaVizedom graciously undertook the challenge of collecting and organizing these references. A Zotero library has been created to store and share the readings .
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