Zhaohui Wu    (1BEM)

Professor Zhaohui Wu 
Director, Institute of Computer System and Engineering, 
School of Computer Science,
Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, China.

email: wzh-at-zju.edu.cn    (1BEN)

See: http://ccnt.zju.edu.cn/html/faculty/teacher/wzh.html    (1BEO)

Professor Zhaohui Wu obtained his PhD Degree from a China-Germany Joint PhD Training program in year 1993. He worked in DFKI in Germany from 1991 to 1992, focusing his attention on knowledge representation framework. He invented the KB-system tool, ZIPE, based on C programming language on SUN platform. He collaborated with colleagues from China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and played a principle role in the development of the largest TCM medical ontology in China. He is also the senior Member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Society, and the standing Council Member of China Computer Federation.    (1BEP)