ZachWahl    (11WV)

Zachary Wahl 
Project Performance Corporation
McLean, Virginia, USA.
e-mail:    (11WW)

Zach Wahl leads the Knowledge Management Practice at Project Performance Corporation (PPC). He has led major Enterprise Information Portal deployments for a variety of organizations, including Pratt & Whitney, Columbia University, the Department of Defense (DoD), the International Monetary Fund, and the Department of Energy (DOE). Mr. Wahl has developed his own taxonomy and metadata design methodologies, has authored a series of courses on portal knowledge management and development, and is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer on the subjects of eGovernance, portals, and taxonomy design.    (12QY)

Founded in 1991, Project Performance Corporation (PPC) is a management and information technology consulting firm in the business of simplifying complex problems for top government and Fortune 500 decision makers. PPCÂ’s Knowledge Management Practice has helped over 120 public and private organizations successfully implement the full lifecycle of portals and other knowledge management tools.    (12QZ)