Yu Lin    (2LZ9)

Yu Lin, PhD
Postdoc fellow,
University of Michigan Medical School
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.    (2LZA)

Dr. Lin has a background in Medicine (pediatrics), Molecular Immunology (M.Sc.) and Biomedical Informatics (PhD). She has 2 years' working experience in a dot com start-up company where she became an experienced website designer and developer. She has worked 1.5 years as a bioinformaticist to carry out the next generation sequencing data analysis in Center for Developmental Biology in Riken, Japan.    (2LZD)

Her specialties are in following domains: Ontology, Database, Bioinformatics, Translational biomedical informatics, Immunology    (2LZE)

Relevant to ontologies:    (2M3I)