Use Cases Document Template    (BEA)

this should be a short (1 page) draft just to quickly document the ideas and to ensure top level alignment of the interpretation of those ideas among the parties involved. This follows the example shown on Figure 3-1 (p.40) of Martin Fowler's "UML Distilled (2nd Edition)" (see UseCasesSimpleTextExample)    (BEH)

proposed by PeterYim / 2003-04-19    (BEJ)

Iteration-1: Quick Capture of the Draft Use Cases    (BEK)

Iteration-2: Documenting the Use Cases    (BEX)

2a. The Primary Actors and their General Goals    (BEZ)

2b. The Business Use Cases    (BF1)

2c. The System Use Cases    (BFC)

3. The Terms Used / Glossary    (BH5)