UpperOntologySummit - Conveners Conference Call 2006-03-02    (KJ0)

Call Details    (KJ1)

Attendees    (KJ7)

Agenda (items to be discussed) Ideas    (KK6)

Agenda & Proceedings    (KKB)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda    (KKC)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (KKE)

3) Roll-call of participants - see above    (KKG)

4) Review of the goals of the Upper Ontology Summit    (KMH)

5) Enumerating the most promising avenues to achieving the goals    (KMI)

6) engaging the 'real custodians'    (KMJ)

7) adopting the list of co-sponsors    (KMK)

8) Public Announcement    (KMP)

9) Funding possibilities    (KN7)

10) Bill: we should also present some empirical data on how upper ontologies have been used    (KMR)

11) Action Items - review what needs to be done between now and 3/14/06    (KML)

12) see also: notes on this conference call from MichaelUschold - http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum//uos-convene/2006-03/msg00043.html    (KON)

13) Next meeting date and adjournment    (KKJ)

 above minutes captured in real time on this wiki by PeterYim / 2006.03.02-7:52 am PST    (KKM)