Alternative Meeting Agendas    (LHY)

...proposed during preparations    (LHZ)

Tuesday 3/14/06    (LI0)

Another Draft Agenda (--AdamPease)    (LAM)

Tuesday - 8:30am    (LAN)

Yet Another Draft Agenda (--JohnBateman)    (LBK)

Tuesday - 8:30am    (LBL)

Wednesday 3/15/06 Morning    (LI0)

Earlier DRAFT Agenda (as of March 8, 2006)    (LFV)

9:00 AM - Welcome and Introductions, Brand Niemann, SICoP Chair    (LFW)

9:30 AM - The Upper Ontology: Examples and Marketplace, Mills Davis, Project10X, SICoP Module 2 White paper Lead, "Semantic Wave 2006: Executive Guide to the Business Value of Semantic Technologies", and NCOR Outreach Committee (see Wiki) (confirmed)    (LG2)

10:30 AM BREAK    (LGD)

10:45 AM - Panel Discussion of Ontology Infrastructure Representatives: Moderator, TBA    (LGE)


1 PM Upper Ontology Summit Begins    (LGO)

Another DRAFT Agenda (--AdamPease)    (LGP)

Wednesday 3/15/06 Afternoon    (LI1)

Another Draft Agenda (--AdamPease)    (LI2)