UBL version 1.0 OASIS Committee Draft    (B8T)

"It is my great pleasure to announce that UBL 1.0 has been approved as an OASIS Committee Draft by the OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee and is now available for general use.    (B8V)

The UBL 1.0 Committee Draft is located at    (B8W)

A compressed archive containing the entire release is available for local installation from    (B8Y)

UBL 1.0 represents six years of continuous development in the creation of a standard XML business syntax, the last two years of which have taken place in the OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee. The UBL Committee Draft incorporates more than a year of public review, and the final result is now ready for implementation in commercial and open-source software efforts. UBL is freely available and may be used by anyone without the payment of royalties or other fees." ...    (B90)

Pertinent References    (B92)

Historic References (no longer current)    (B95)

UBL version 1.0 Beta    (B96)