J. Trent Adams    (15DC)

Founder / Chief Innovator
Needham, Massachusetts, USA.

email: trent-at-matchmine.com    (15DD)

J. Trent Adams is the Founder and Chief Innovator of matchmine, a media discovery company based in Needham, MA. The matchmine platform uses a combination of behavioral data, contextual metadata, data threads, semantic reasoning and agent modeling to help feed the inner you.    (15DE)

Trent conceived of the science that underlies matchmine's media discovery capabilities. He did so while still responsible for the New England Patriots' online presence as Chief Innovator for the Kraft Group Sports Properties.    (15DF)

In 1997, Trent was tapped to produce a first of its kind direct-to-digital video show for the Patriots. He has since designed a comprehensive online strategy for the sports properties, unifying them to more effectively leverage their combined assets. Through three Super Bowl victories, Trent was able to prove that online success can be measured, analyzed, and ultimately captured as revenue.    (15DG)

In addition to the more standard digital media strategy development, Trent helped vet the technology for various Kraft Group investment opportunities.    (15DH)

Trent was also a cofounder of US Teams, an initiative to bring together the online media rights for the National Governing Bodies of various USOC sports. Under that banner, he produced the first live online media experience to later be broadcast on television.    (15DI)

Before joining KGSP, Trent worked as an Information Architect for TVisions, and was a digital effects designer for television programming and advertising. He earned his bachelor's degree majoring in astronomy, with minors in physics and computer science as well as a correlate in film from Vassar College in New York.    (15DJ)

See also: http://www.mediaslate.org/wp/about/    (15DK)