Tom Beckman    (LNZ)

Mr. Beckman is Principal of Beckman Associates, a firm that provides advanced educational, consulting, research, and assessment services. Practice areas include:    (LO0)

Until his recent retirement from IRS, Mr. Beckman held positions as Portfolio Manager for IT Infrastructure, Division CIO, enterprise architect, systems engineer, chief methodologist for Business Reengineering, as well as AI Specialist. In addition, Tom has 35 years of experience in successfully developing and managing projects that rely on innovative IT and advanced systems design. Recently, he infused advanced IT and knowledge management principles into a portfolio of projects, as well as conceived of, organized, and managed the Large Case Analysis data mining project that resulted in an ROI of 50-1 in under one year.    (LO8)

His numerous publications include co-authoring the seminal book on applying KM to business opportunities, Knowledge Organizations: What Every Manager Should Know, as well as recently co-authoring “Creating a Comprehensive KM Maturity Model for Developing KM Strategy and Implementation Plans,” a chapter in the Advances in MIS series volume Knowledge Management: An Evolutionary View of the Field, edited by Irma Becerra-Fernandez and Dorothy Leidner.    (LO9)

Tom also develops and teaches graduate courses in Knowledge Management, Management of Innovation, and Artificial Intelligence at The George Washington University.    (LOA)

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