Terry Janssen    (SVH)

Terry Janssen, PhD
NGA / Innovision / IB Basic & Applied Research 
and Lockheed Martin Chief Technologist of ST 

e-mail: terry.janssen-at-eucom.mil    (SVI)

Terry Janssen has over 30 years of experience in information technology and knowledge management (KM), ranging from applied research to systems engineering. He has broad knowledge and experience with system architectures, databases (relational, object-oriented, federated), service oriented architecture, data warehousing, GIS, data mining, text mining, evidential reasoning, decision analysis/theory, link analysis, operations research, expert systems/AI, machine learning and discovery, collaboration, systems engineering and others. Currently he is a Principal System Engineer and Chief Technologist for KM at Lockheed Martin IS&S. Prior to Lockheed he owned his own consulting company for five years, during which time he had contracts with NASA, MITRE, DoD / Intelligence Community and others. Prior, from 1992 until June of 1998, he was a Decision and Information Scientist and Program Manager for the Decision and Information Sciences Division of Argonne National Laboratory, during this period also he was responsible for the application of advanced information technologies. He is supporting advanced technology programs, and is currently working on two IRADs using Semantic Technology (ontologies and reasoning engines): The Ontological Social Network Analysis and Semantic Enterprise Mission Management IRADs. He has a MS in Computer Science from Boston University and PhD in Information Technology from George Mason University.    (VPN)