SICoP-Ontolog Joint Meeting, July 7, 2004    (A66)

 This is the event planning and draft agenda work page. 
 The official agenda and proceedings of this Joint Meeting can be found at:    (A67)

Theme: Exploring Synergies & Opportunities for Collaboration    (A68)

Purpose / Description    (A69)

SICoP and Ontolog represent two Communities of Practice that cover the domain of Semantic Engineering work -- with one being a government effort, and the other a citizen effort. At this landmark event where members of both communities meet face-to-face, for the first time, we are looking toward the opportunity where members from both communities can share their challenges and experiences on multiple levels (behaviorally, organizationally, technically; on how they each leverage their tools, processes and people; ... and so on). In addition we will jointly explore synergies that we can tap into, including opportunities to collaborate: What are the potentials and realities of the highest purpose that we hold in common? How can we tap the creativity inherent in our differences - both individually and as two Communities of Practice? In light of this dialogue, what individual and community level commitments to action are shaping up?    (A6A)

Date / Venue / Logistics    (A6B)

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Attendees    (A6N)

Agenda & Proceedings    (A72)

Agenda Ideas    (A73)

Agenda    (A7D)

Preparation Work Material    (A7F)

 (Draft Agenda of 2004.06.29 --ppy/2004.06.25_14:18_PDT; ppy/nf/kh/2004.06.29_1430_EDT)    (A7G)

12:30 ~ 1:10 p.m. -- Networking lunch moved to 1917 F St at Pizza Italia due to "no food or beverage" in GSA conference room.    (A7H)

1:10 ~ 1:20 p.m. -- Check-in at GSA and escort to Conference Room 3341    (A7J)

1:20 ~ 1:40 p.m. -- Welcome and Introduction to SICoP by BrandNiemann & RickMorris    (A7K)

1:40 ~ 2:00 p.m. -- Introduction to Ontolog by PeterYim & LeoObrst    (A7L)

2:00 ~ 2:20 p.m. -- Regular order of business - SICoP    (A7M)

2:20 ~ 2:40 p.m. -- Regular order of business - Ontolog    (A7P)

2:40 ~ 4:00 p.m. -- Participant Intro & Exploring Synergies    (A7S)

4:00 ~ 4:25 p.m. -- Discussion: Collaborating on Semantic Harmonization for SINE (Sustainable Intergovernmental Network Exchange), moderated by BrandNiemann & SusanTurnbull    (A7Z)

4:25 ~ 4:30 p.m. -- Review of Follow-up and Action Items; Adjourn.    (A84)

Resources    (A85)

Remarks    (A87)