A Glimpse into the Future of SemanticWiki's    (1TM4)

For SemanticWiki mini-series Session-6: The Future of Semantic Wiki: Trends, Challenges and Outlook (Panel Discussion)    (1TM5)

As part of the preparation for the concluding session of the SemanticWiki mini-series program, we are inviting all our panelists to share with us their vision of what the future of semantic wikis would be like.    (1TM6)

All organizers, chairs and speakers from previous sessions are invited to each deliver short statements regarding the future of semantic wikis as they each see it (2 min. each). Those who plan to make short statements are requested to add their 3 to 6 bullets here (or send them in via email to the session co-chairs with a copy to <peter.yim@cim3.com>) before the end-of-day Friday 2009.02.27    (1TM7)

Key bullets of speakers' short statements:    (1TM8)

 Sample statements: (template)    (1TNI)
 * JaneDoe 
 ** 1. the term "semantic wiki" will disappear as users adopt it into mainstream wiki applications 
 ** 2. semantic wikis will be one of the most important vehicle in bringing the semantic web to the masses 
 ** 3. by 2012, over 40% of open virtual communities, and over 25% of corporate intranets will be 
       utilizing wikis; and half of them will be (what we would recognize as) semantic wikis.    (1TME)

Please enumerate your 3 to 6 thoughts on how you see the Future of Semantic Wikis, in terms of Trends, Challenges and Outlook.    (1TM9)

... read this if it's your first time editing the Ontolog wiki. =ppy    (1TNN)

These thoughts will be presented in 2-minutes lightning talks at the SemanticWiki mini-series session-6 event    (1U6Y)

Additional pertinent thoughts: (all are welcome!)    (1TNO)

... please enter your thougths below (kindly identify yourself and date your entry.)    (1TNP)