Scott L Holmes    (AQR)

Project Leader, SSS IT, ARAMARK Corporation    (AQS)

I started using computers in 1979. After two years of college study, I entered the work force as an applications developer. I'm currently in charge of the development of a large in-house financial application written in Visual Basic (and other tools). In 1994, I began learning web technologies and now I manage a series of web sites. After Microsoft released their .Net technology (in yet another disrupting paradigm shift in a long string of disrupting paradigm shifts), I decided to divorce myself from Microsoft's approach to the web and began to learn web standards technologies, ala    (AQT)

A couple of years ago, I began to look into the idea of the Semantic Web. As I was struggling with XHTML and CSS, I decided to table those studies until later. In 2004, I once again began studying the Semantic Web, starting with RDF, OWL and ontologies. After quite alot of articles and evaluations of many different tools, I came across the Business Process Management Ontology. I subsequently began to learn about the ebXML and Core Components and finally the work of the Ontolog forum.    (AQU)

Currently, I'm reviewing the ideas and concepts presented in these pages. I'm reviewing (and where possible, attending) the conference calls and presentations. I'm currently using the Compendium tool to make some sense of it all. I aspire to be a participating member. I believe that an Ontological approach to business process management will be the spark that ignites the imagination of the new generation of corporate leaders, leaders that will take us into a brave new world. Ontologies are the "missing piece of the puzzle" that will transform the web into a technologically driven path to world peace:    (AQV)

I am creating a CCT Representation Knowledge Base CCTRepKB.    (AQW)