Scott Hills    (36AW)

Scott J. Hills
Sr Research Scientist
Earth Science Information Management
Chevron Energy Technology Co.
Houston, Texas, USA.

email: SJHills [at]    (36AX)

Current Activities:    (3EBV)

Chevron-internal project having progressed from proof-of-concept to prototype to pilot phase, designed to use structured metadata to enable integrated discovery, evaluation, and access of structured and unstructured digital information resources, as well as physical assets. Assignment of concept terms to metadata about structured resources is considered critical to this integration. Designed to exploit EIP metadata standard (see below).    (3EBX)

Work Group is developing Energy Industry Profile (EIP) of ISO/DIS 19115-1 metadata standard, soliciting involvement of global energy community (oil companies, consortia, data providers, software vendors, government agencies, academic institutions) to maximize community acceptance and adoption. Profile design will enable discovery, evaluation, and access of digital and physical information resources hosted both internally and externally to an organization. In addition to normative specification and implementation guidelines, Work Group deliverables include documented exemplar resources and demonstration pilot projects of opportunity. (See:    (3EBZ)

Representing Energistics Energy Industry Metadata Standards Work Group, and providing input to 19115 Revision Project based on improvement opportunities identified by the Work Group. Key improvements proposed to ISO 19115-1 include mechanisms to 1) better allow its application to all types of information resources, and 2) semantically enable its keyword construct so that keyword terms can by “typed” (i.e., associated with a concept term or class in a reference ontology).    (3EC1)

The mission of this Business Group is to develop, advocate for, and support the use of Semantic Web technologies to business issues in those industries. Currently recommending two use cases having potentially high-impact for the industry: 1) provenance, and 2) development of shared ontologies, preferably published as web services, that can be cited as the source for concept terms assigned to metadata attributes.    (3EC3)